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1.How to become our member, the member can do?

Member Register

Preferred click Home "My Account" inside the Register, fill out the application information, please be sure to fill in the complete personal data and other relevant information, we will receive your registration information after a review. Through the audit, you can use the membership features of the site.

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Members can access all of our product information, non-members can only look to limit the number to the search results, and can not see the latest released product information.

Product List

Members can visit the shopping cart bulk inquiry


By sending an RFQ, the product of your inquiry will be sent the clerk of the mailbox, the clerk will you make an inquiry follow-up

Orders sent successfully

You can Login Click to view detailed information for your Inquiry


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Members also have their own favorites, and you are interested in the collection of information.


2. How to find product information?

· You can open the page of our website www.ntoys.com Home product search bar can also search for products, you can also click on the multi-function search into the search page can be more detailed search, you need product information, you can view popular categories in the Home product information, you can click on All Categories to enter the detailed view the site classified and find your the desired product, you can also enter the next page by entering Products View all products and classification.

New Product

Search Product

· When you click on the appropriate classification, the web page for you to retrieve a list of the classification of products for you to choose. When you can not find the product you need, you can also through our online customer service, contact our customer service staff can better serve you.

Product Sort

3. How to get in touch with our company?

You can click on the page main section "Contact Us" page to list our company contact information, you can get in touch with us.

4. What type of company, we provide business services?

NEW ELEMENT INDUSTRIAL LIMITED (BELINDA) is a leading plastic toys manufacturer and trading organization which has specialized in toys for more than ten years. We are equipped with modernized facilities and own a 13,000 sqm workshop as well as a 1,000 sqm toy showroom enabling us to exhibit thousands of toy samples as well as our owns brands: BELINDA DOLL; BBFUN INTERACTIVE DOLL; and LAPTOP, all of which sell throughout the world. In addition we offer OEM services and have worked on brand name projects such as DORA, TOM & JERRY, BEN 10, BARBIE, BAKUGAN etc.

We have an extremely well motivated and professional sales team with many years experience in foreign trading which allows us to supply our customers with a full-scale highly qualified service from start to finish. From sourcing new items, issuing quotations, preshipment inspections, etc., our customers are completely satisfied with our service. We have excellent cooperation with many big customers in the world, for example: French Auchan; WalMart; JR TOYS MEXICO and have established long term relationships with many more.

We sincerely hope to enter into a long-term mutually beneficial relationship and cooperation with you!

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